Word Alchemy Lab

with Arianna “Tex” Thompson

You’ve spent time creating colorful characters, developing rich landscapes and worlds, plotting explosive action and nuanced encounters that should enthrall readers. Yet somehow the words on the page aren’t fully conveying the tension of the tight parts, or the loveliness of the pretty parts, or the shocking-ness of the shocking parts.
Never fear! In this 4-day master class retreat, we’ll study the art of adapting your writing style to suit any purpose, refining each page and paragraph, and fine-tuning every line until it sings.
Ideal for: writers of any skill level: beginners can see what to strive for, while more experienced writers learn why their “good stuff” is good, and how to make their work even better.
  • Class will begin at 10 am each day and run until 5 pm (10 am – 1 pm Sunday). During the day, you’ll have time to write and work on your own. Some “homework” may be assigned to bring to class the next day.
  • You will have a lunch break with plenty of time to enjoy the many fine restaurants and food trucks within a few blocks of Wordcrafters Workshop.  Healthy snacks, tea, and water will be provided through the day.
  • Optional Saturday night dinner at a local restaurant with Tex and the group.
  • Please bring at least 50 manuscript pages of your own work (can be 50 pages of a book-length work, or a combination of stories or essays).
Part I (Micro-Level): Break out the petri dishes, because we’re putting the English language under a microscope. This is a fast, fun, fearless exploration of the science behind good word choice, sound sentence construction, and the invisible artistry that authors, advertisers, songwriters, and poets use to make you fall in love with their words.


Part II (Macro-Level): We’re tackling the big picture here: paragraphs, scenes, chapters, and stories, and the master-class techniques underpinning all of them. But we’ll also take a look at where good writing diverges, and how to change your style when switching between informative writing and its more creative counterpart.