Patricia MorrisonPatricia Morrison is the founder of Inner Fire, Outer Light, which helps overwhelmed and under-valued creatives to make a living, make a life and make a difference in the world with their gifts. Artists, writers, musicians and creative professionals who are tired of leaving their destiny under the control of others, trading their life goals for their creative ones, and looking successful from the outside, but not feeling that way inside.

Working with Patricia, they take back their sovereignty, transform their scattered and unfulfilling work lives, finish projects, and create integrated lives in which their gifts are rewarded with sustainable income, their visions are valued, and they never have to choose between personal and creative goals again, while becoming the forces of good in the world they seek to be. Patricia is trained in visual art, writing, music, education and business coaching and toured nationally as a contemporary folk singer/songwriter.

See what clients have said about their experiences in workshops and in programs here.

Here are some from authors/writers specifically:

Inner Fire Outer Light“I feel more confident and proud of my work than I ever have before.” -Andrea Clark Mason, Author

“In just a few months, Patricia helped me turn my part-time gig into a profitable business. Patricia is accessible, pragmatic, and supportive. Best of all, she understands the way my artist mind works, and has helped me build a life that affirms my creativity” -Meg Hayertz, Author

“Meeting Patricia was like chocolate meeting peanut butter—I already brought creativity and commitment to my craft, but she brought the big-picture strategies and business sensibilities to synergize my work into something successfully shared with the world. She has helped me shift my mentality from that of a starving amateur to a respected professional.” -Nancy Stohlman, Author

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