This holiday season join Wordcrafters in Eugene for The Twelve Days of Wordcraftmas.

Starting December 8, we will be sharing a series of short craft talks from local writers and industry professional to inspire, encourage, and challenge you in your writerly life. We would love to have you join us! Check our blog each day or follow us on Facebook to get your daily dose of Wordcraftmas.

As part of this fun event, we are offering something extra.  We will be auctioning off books as well as editing, publishing, and critique services generously donated by local writers and professionals who support Wordcrafters in Eugene. When you bid on these items you get a chance to score some awesome writerly goods while helping us continue to bring quality literary programming to the Eugene community. Your support creates opportunities for more community education classes, places more writers in the schools, and creates scholarships for young writers. It’s a win-win!
Please visit our Facebook page starting Friday, December 8 for more details on the auction items and to place your bids.

Craft Talks

Wordcraftmas Day 1: Three Keys to Successful Self Publishing  – Patricia Marshall
Wordcraftmas Day 2: Trust Me, I’m an Editor – M.K. Martin
Wordcraftmas Day 3: The #1 Mistake Authors Make (That Has Nothing to Do with Their Writing) – Kristin J. Ammerman
Worcraftmas Day 4: The Unexpected Skill – Bill Cameron
Wordcraftmas Day 5: Shattering Moments – Kristen James
Wordcraftmas Day 6: Rounding Out Characters Through Social Status – Sheila Boneham
Wordcraftmas Day 7: Life is a Practice (video) – Michael Michel
Wordcraftmas Day 8: Listen to Your Story – Drea Lee
Wordcraftmas Day 9: A Bubble Off Plumb – Tex Thompson
Wordcraftmas Day 10: Writing Voodoo: Themes, Symbols and Metaphors – Linda S. Clare
Wordcrafters Day 11: Double Trouble: Put Your Setting to Work – Daryll Lynne Evans
Worcrafters Day 12: A “Sense” of Urgency – Jorah LaFleur