Dear Friends,
Wordcrafters in Eugene is having a birthday party! Help toast five years of offering writers opportunities to strengthen our craft and develop community…and your birthday gift will help build more!
I consider myself a Wordcrafters’ poster child. I’ve taken advantage of the many opportunities Wordcrafters provides to connect with other writers and to explore and hone my writerly craft. In fact, maybe we’ve met at one of Wordcrafters’ amazing annual conferences, or at a class, retreat, or workshop. And maybe, like me, the skills and inspiration gained have helped you on your journey from novice writer to published author.
If you’ve participated in a Wordcrafters event, you’re not alone:
• 2,725 adults advanced their writing through classes, free workshops, retreats, four successful conferences, and other events.
• 4,116 young people participated in our Writers in the Schools program, developing writing skills and a passion for the written word.
• 213 teaching/presenting opportunities were provided for both professional and emerging writers.
That’s quite a record for five short years, especially since Wordcrafters operates on a (very) bare-bones budget. However, those bones are about ready to crack. The demands on Wordcrafters outpace their ability to deliver. In addition to supporting the adult programming you may be familiar with, the funds raised from community members like ourselves help young people strengthen their writing skills and become more engaged in school; art works!

I hope you’ll join in helping to stabilize Wordcrafters, as they build on the first five years of providing vibrant resources that could only come from an organization for writers and by writers. Please consider making a generous, tax-deductible birthday gift today.  Thank you!
Best wishes,

PS …and, remember, there’s cake to be had!  Join us for our Birthday Bash on June 28, 2018 at the Shelton McMurphey Johnson House from 6-8 pm!