2014 Conference Retreats


In the week prior to the conference (Monday morning through Thursday morning), March 3-6, 2014, Wordcrafters will offer two intensive, four-day retreats at the Eugene Hilton. These sessions will focus on individual work and provide attending writers with valuable feedback on their craft. Space will be limited to ten students per retreat class.


Make Your Good Book Great, taught by Susan Wiggs

The best way to learn is from the process itself. This session will work for a novel at almost any stage of development, from first draft to final cut. The mood is positive, upbeat and supportive as writers come together to share and learn from one another, using solid craft techniques of brainstorming, storytelling and revision. Assignments will focus on each participant’s work-in-progress. This will be a safe, productive way to imagine or re-imagine your work, get feedback and make the revision process take your novel to the next level. Prerequisite: A work in progress, consisting of a 1-3 page synopsis and the first 30-or-so pages of the novel. This retreat is sold out. Please contact us to put your  name on a wait list.


Kick Start Your Novel, taught by Elizabeth Engstrom

This workshop is for the writer who has basic writing experience, is highly motivated and has at least a nodding acquaintance with the novel that dwells within. While you may work on your novel-in-progress if you insist, Liz strongly suggests that instead, you work on something fresh for the purposes of this workshop. (I wouldn’t argue with her, if I were you.) Leave your old work at home and let the spirit of the moment move you. Trust the creative process and watch the magic happen as you work within the internal structure of fiction to learn how the pieces go together to make a fine novel. Bring with you only your writing materials and ten copies of  a one-page synopsis of the novel you intend to write.