Wordcrafters in Eugene is excited to present this unique fiction seminar series with award-winning author and celebrated teacher Eric Witchey. Each seminar is designed to stand alone and to fit into the overall series. Seminars will open with a brief discussion of the theoretical underpinnings of the techniques presented. Each seminar will end with a brief discussion of how the techniques can be practices over the following month to either prepare for the next seminar or to just internalize the concepts to make them part of your personal fiction fluency.
Register for the entire series at a discounted price, or only register for the seminars you want. Each seminar will take place Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning to simplify travel arrangements for participants be driving to Eugene or flying in and out of Eugene International Airport (EUG).



Learn to develop clear character agendas for all characters on and off stage. Discover the importance of backstory and how to use it ever, ever so sparingly. Finally, explore and practice various types of conflict and how to present them alone and simultaneously to keep the reader up all night reading. Mr. Witchey’s often presented ED ACE concept will be demonstrated and practiced as part of this seminar.
MARCH 17-18, 2018
Saturday 1:00-5:00 pm; Sunday 9 am-1 pm
Individual Seminars $249 each


APRIL 21-22, 2018
Walk through the development several different types of scenes, including full dramatic scenes, stage scenes, half scenes, and summary scenes. You will learn to recognize when and how to use the different types of scenes because of the differences in their power and content. Finally, explore and practice techniques for nesting scenes, breaking scenes, and creating dramatic dependencies between scenes.
MAY 19-20
Develop skills based on understanding the core psychological driver of most, if not all, great stories. You will create characters who embody imagined and real-world social and psychological issues that will be worked out thematically in story. The powerful concept of Irreconcilable Self will be demonstrated, practiced, and explored. You will leave the seminar with a clear understanding of how core character psychology is demonstrated on page one and each subsequent page. You will also walk away with tools for managing the development of the inevitable transformation of character at the heart of every powerful story.
JUNE 23-24
Develop a set of time-saving tools for fast prototyping and testing of stories. These techniques are based on linguistic and cognitive science of how readers internalize stories, how memory works, and the mechanisms of dreaming, hypnosis, and reading have in common. You will leave with story, and possibly novel, outlines in hand.
JULY 21-22
Does anybody really want to fix a line on a page they are going to throw away? No, but we do it. Discover time-saving, efficient techniques for revision and polish. You will leave this final seminar in the six-month series with tools for top-down and bottom-up story analysis. Additionally, you will work with speed techniques for identifying the most common errors even the most seasoned professional writers overlook, plus see a few marketing tools in action.