Write deeper, write faster, write better. Discover how readers internalize story in heart and mind with Eric Witchey’s Fiction Fluency Seminars. Register now!

Why Fiction Fluency?

Being fluent in fiction means internalizing story structure to the point that you can express emotions and repeat success patterns intuitively–it’s a naturalization of story structure . 
Eric Witchey’s Fiction Fluency Seminars combine practical experience with linguistic and cognitive science research on how readers internalize story in heart and mind. The seminars give you practicable, executable skills for creation, analysis, and revision of short stories and novels. The series begins with the foundation of habits, and each class layers on a new level of complexity and control that help you acquire skills to create professional-level short, shorts; short stories, novelettes, novellas, novels in any genre.
Each seminar can be taken as a stand-alone class, or take a four-seminar pack or the entire series at a substantial discount.
Class sizes are limited.
The first class in the program, Establishing the Foundations of Your Creative Life, forms the foundations of the program.


February Seminar: Creating and Finding Ideas—Where to Find Them and How to Use Them
Saturday, February 16 from 1-5 pm & Sunday, February 17, 9-1 pm
Does the blank page terrify you? Or is it the broken stories cluttering your hard drive that make your stomach enter your throat? Discover the cognitive science behind your creativity, and learn how to use it to your advantage. Discover techniques to generate new ideas, how to effectively build upon them, and what to do to repair them if and when they’ve injured themselves (which, let’s face it, they always do). We’ll learn about target-, random-, intuition-, and process-driven creativity, and you’ll gain tools to:
  • Uncover the way published stories work
  • Dissect your own stories under development.
  • Diagnose problems and suggest solutions in your own and published work
  • Design new material


More perks?

  • Saturday night dinners and social events
  • Healthy snacks
  • Easy travel in and out of Eugene
  • A Private Facebook Group to stay connected between seminars

Take one seminar, a set of four seminars, or the entire series.
  • Individual Seminar  $249
  • Seminar Term (4 Seminars) $899  (save $99)
  • Whole Seminar Series  $2199  (save 25%)
(Once you’ve tried it, you’ll have the option to register for the rest of the series and save big after the first seminar!)
Are you a returning participant? You can choose to skip the first class without impact to your experience of subsequent classes. You may also choose to engage in a refresher.
The first hour of each class will include a summary of the foundations, and arrangements can be made by alumni to enter the classroom at the first break if you would like.