Fiction Fluency I: Foundational Skills

The four-class Fiction Fluency I Series allows participants to develop solid creative practices and incorporate them into a lifestyle that supports success in writing fiction. It will also provide solid foundations for development of emotion-driven, dramatic story acted out by believable characters.
Come and play. Seminars are a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands-on practice. The cap on the number of participants keeps it intimate and focused on the needs of the writers who are present in the room.
January Seminar: Establishing the Foundations of Your Creative Life (by Exploiting the Practice Effect)
Saturday, January 19 from 1-5 pm & Sunday, January 20, 9-1 pm
We will begin with an introduction to the cognitive foundations of learning, reading, story-telling, and creativity, and then translate that knowledge into habits that will not only increase the speed of your learning, but also result in solid practical foundations and support for long-term gains. The class will also include story analysis methods that will help establish solid habits no matter what no matter what kind of writing you do.
February Seminar: Creating and Finding Ideas—Where to Find Them and How to Use Them
Saturday, February 16 from 1-5 pm & Sunday, February 17, 9-1 pm
Does the blank page terrify you? This seminar’s focus is on techniques to create new material and to repair broken stories. We’ll learn about target-, random-, intuition-, and process-driven creativity, and you’ll gain tools to:
• Describe published stories,
• Analyze your own stories under development,
• Diagnose problems and suggest solutions, and
• Design new material.
March Seminar: Developing Deep Drivers for Characters
Saturday, March 16 from 1-5 pm & Sunday, March 17, 9-1 pm
Something ugly happens in the middle of a story. Characters misbehave. Plot elements contradict. As if a cloud has covered the sun, everything gets dim and hazy.This seminar will help you re-conjure the sun. We’ll examine the relationship of Lajos Egri’s concept of “premise,” the “Irreconcilable Self,” and socially, psychologically, and emotionally defined character arcs in the context of building new stories and refining confused stories. The seminar will also include an examination of the “because, because” tool as a method of testing character motivations at any given moment in a story.
April Seminar: Building Scenes to Stress your Characters
Saturday, April 6 from 1-5 pm & Sunday, April, 9-1 pm
So you’ve created characters with deep, conflicting drives. Fantastic! But they can’t just sit in a room. You’ll need to set them into action to keep your readers invested. Psychology and emotion are the driving forces for not only your characters (as we discuss in March), but your scenes as well. As readers, and people, we’re hardwired to expect certain patterns in order to build a story in our hearts and minds. To establish these kinds of patterns in your writing, we will learn about Opposition Pairs (a.k.a., dialectic pairs), Tactic Groups, Conflict Sets, and the use of the “ED ACE” tool (ED ACE stands for Emotion drives Decision drives Action drives Conflict creates new Emotion.) for managing each. We will use it to analyze published material, diagnose existing material, and to create new material.

Take one seminar, a set of four seminars, or the entire series.
  • Individual Seminar  $249
  • Seminar Term (4 Seminars) $899  (save $99)
  • Whole Seminar Series  $2199  (save 25%)
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