Fiction Fluency III: Extended Techniques, Refinement, and Revision 

The four-class Fiction Fluency III Series allows participants to use the previously presented tools and techniques to manage more complex stories, including multiple POV, multiple timeline, and switchback plotting without losing the emotional drivers that keep the reader engaged. The final class in the series will explore final refinements and marketing skills.  
September Seminar: Managing Multiple POV Construction
Saturday, September 14 from 1-5 pm & Sunday, September 15, 9-1 pm

So you’ve got more than one POV protagonist. Here we’ll talk about ways to manage the chaos of multiple stories happening concurrently in a single text. We’ll discuss story lacing, suspense, and pacing, as well as various ways to structure your narrative, including: chronological switch-back plotting, and non-chronological dramatic support for multiple storylines and/or subplots. This seminar builds on the use of Control Statements (June’s Seminar), Thematic Control (July’s Seminar), and ED ACE (April’s Seminar) at multiple layers. You’ll also get tips and tricks for using Word Processors and Spreadsheets as production management tools, however, every technique presented can also be managed by use of index cards or tools like Scribner.

October Seminar: Building Nested Structures and Push-Pop Plots—More story lacing, suspense, and pacing
Saturday, October 12 from 1-5 pm & Sunday, October 13, 9-1 pm

Here we will explore experimental stories, the use of nested story elements, and the management of reader inferencing, including how and when to interrupt scenes and story threads in order to increase suspense and build reader investment through pacing. This seminar builds on September’s seminar, regarding Multiple POV Construction. While this seminar is not entirely dependent upon it, the techniques presented will be more powerful if you already understand the previously presented concepts.

November Seminar: Exploiting the Existing Text
Saturday, November 9 from 1-5 pm & Sunday, November 10, 9-1 pm
After the story has been written, i.e, once you’ve got a second or third draft, the goal of revision shifts. This seminar revisits many previous concepts from the perspective of creating the most emotional impact for our readers. This seminar is almost entirely about top-down revision processes. We will discuss the difference between “dramatically complete” and the “emotional best form.” Throughout the two days, we will focus on revision processes using Control Statements, Reader Acquisition Patterns, ED ACE, (the three of which we’ve seen throughout the series) and additionally, we will learn about re-visioning, found symbols, the exploitation of refrains, screen tests, false scenes, extreme testing, and management of levers, ratchets, buttons, and motifs. This is the high-level revision course you’ve been looking for!
December Seminar: Revising to Sell
Saturday, December 7 from 1-5 pm & Sunday, December 8, 9-1 pm

So you’ve got a highly impactful, well-paced, emotionally riveting story. Now what? This seminar will give you the goods on the final polish you’ll need to market your work so it gets in front of the readers you want. (This seminar assumes understanding of previously presented topics.) We will spend some time discussing the use of various types of analysis groups (a.k.a., critique groups), and then we will discuss the necessary shift in a writer’s perception from creation to productization, i.e. how the business of selling is a separate practice from the craft of creation. You will get tools, processes, and forms for approaching various markets, and resources and research techniques to find the best places for your work.

Take one seminar, a set of four seminars, or the entire series.
  • Individual Seminar  $249
  • Seminar Term (4 Seminars) $899  (save $99)
  • Whole Seminar Series  $2199  (save 25%)
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