Masterful Monologues with Melissa Rose

Come to the Springfield Public Library on September 10th!

Workshop runs from 5:30-7:30 PM at the Springfield Public Library located at 225 5th Street. All Wordcrafters Library workshops are free and open to the public.
Description: Personal monologue and storytelling awakens the ability to feel seen, heard, and connected to those around us. Through memory and the poetic principles of imagery, metaphor, and symbolism, this workshop will awaken the desire to go deeper with our experiences and emerge with a well-crafted story from our past or future selves. From there we will explore different ways to read our story aloud as we seek out the various ways our voices impact the effects of our stories on ourselves and others.
You will walk away with a new dimension to your writing through exploring not only how your words appear on page, but how they sound when your stories and experiences are told aloud. This workshop is appropriate for older teens, adults and anyone who is curious about diving deeper into personal experiences and memoir.
About the Instructor: Melissa Rose is a playwright and spoken word artist who has been performing her work across the United States and Europe for the last 15 years. She is the author of “Your Story Matters: How to Conjure Courage and Transform Tragedy into Triumph with Spoken Word Poetry” and a one-woman show entitled “Baggage”. Melissa believes in the healing power of storytelling and has been facilitating spoken word workshops with adults and teens for over a decade. She currently runs a healing arts business that promotes wellness through artistic expression and is the Executive Director of Siren, a nonprofit organization that empowers women through poetry and performance.
These free workshops are brought to you by Springfield Public Library and Wordcrafters in Eugene with support from the Springfield Library Foundation