Woop woop! We’re excited! We’ve found what will be a wonderful new home for Lane County’s literary hub. And it’s much more than an office. It’s an opportunity.

Here’s what a new space will mean for writers like us:
  • Hosting Wordcrafters’ programming in our own space with the ability to hold larger and simultaneous classes.
  • Expanding our program offerings with more sessions of ever-popular classes, and the addition of brand new favs.
  • Saving money so we won’t have to increase your participant fees…and we’ll apply the money now used for renting other venues to help defray the cost of our new space.
  • Not having to turn people away…it’s the worst when we can’t serve an eager young writer or an adult wanting to hone their craft.
Of course, a larger, multi-faceted space comes with increased expense, which we have plans to support. But, in this time of transition, we’re turning to you and others who will make good use of this space.
Click here to help us furnish it with happy writer vibes.