Looking for intrigue and suspense? Develop a fast-paced and marketable mystery or thriller in this workshop with John Reed. 
About this Workshop: 
This is a class for working writers who want to develop a taut, fast-paced marketable mystery or thriller. In these six weekly sessions, we’ll explore the elements of craft needed to bring a professional shine to your work: character, dialog, scene, plot, structure, and strategies for editing and revision. You’ll learn professional tips and tricks for developing intrigue and suspense, and why the four most important words in the mystery writer’s vocabulary are: Time Is Running Out. Our goal is to help you elevate the craft of writing into the art of the mystery/thriller.
6 Thursdays, 6-8 pm | April 11 – May 16
Wordcrafters Workshop, 425 Lincoln St, Eugene  | Cost: Member $224/Nonmember $249*
*Early bird registration ends March 14th

About the Instructor:
John Reed’s years as an Army Intelligence officer have given him more than enough background for his four espionage novels: Thirteen Mountain, Dark Forest, Shadow White as Stone and The Kingfisher’s Call. His unforgettable characters and tension-filled plots are a testament to his skill as a master storyteller. He has a master’s degree in Communications and is a member of the International Thriller Writers. John lives and writes in Eugene Oregon.