Join local author Sarina Dorie for Parallel Play NaNoWriMo Write-In at the Wordcrafters Workshops. Whether you’re working on a brand new novel or kneed deep in revision, you’re welcome to write with us.
Bring your favorite snack to share and something to write with. Space is limited to seven writers. You must register in advance to attend. Please signup on the form below. 
Date: Sunday, November 26
Time: 1-5PM
Where: Wordcrafters Workshop 438 Charnelton, Suite 102, Eugene
In case you’ve never done a parallel play here’s a description from Eric Witchey: Based on the earliest play socialization of children and certain productivity theories in business, it is a bunch of folks sitting around writing at the same time. There’s no expectation of how or what or why or how much. It is all about focused activity on your project for your reasons. All the people around typing just make it easier to stay focused on whatever you are working on. Sessions are timed. 45 minutes on. 15 minutes off. The times came from experimentation based on flow periodicity and early life training in schools to a 50 minute hour. By stopping at 45 minutes, there is a minor sense of incompletion. By not taking breaks longer than 15 minutes, we allow ourselves to quickly move back into flow states.