We are excited to announce that Wordcrafters in Eugene will be a participating nonprofit in the Nonprofit High School Program.
NONPROFIT HIGH SCHOOL is not a high school! It’s a collaborative internship program created by four different nonprofit organizations in Lane County: The Shelton McMurphey Johnson House; the Lane County History MuseumAdventure! Children’s Museum; and Wordcrafters. While each organization’s focus is different, the common goals of engaging the community in cultural activities, creating learning opportunities, and promoting the overall health of local non-profits are similar for all! Currently, each organization accomplishes its mission with the help of community volunteers. Working with high school students on the brink of adulthood who have the enthusiasm, interest, and drive to help each organization thrive in the coming years is, we believe, integral to the success of our organizations. Likewise, our ability to teach soft job skills, promote teamwork, work as part of a board, and build up our community is integral to helping students thrive in their future education and careers.
The Nonprofit High School project is specifically designed to fulfill a high school student’s community service requirement for graduation, while teaching workplace skills and encouraging in-depth understanding and engagement in non-profit involvement. In 2018, we are planning a pilot year that will run through one semester. The organizations will work in tandem to help students learn about community service, then provide different opportunities for each student to dig deep into a passion project that will benefit an organization of choice, build the student’s resumé, and create even greater opportunities for engagement with the community at large. Some students may even choose to make their volunteerism part of their senior project! The non-profit mentors at each organization are eager to help Nonprofit High School students on their paths to bright, meaningful futures.
This program is made possible by a grant from Lane Cultural Coalition.
For a brief overview of a few project ideas suggested by the partnering nonprofits, please click here.
If you’re ready to apply, please click here.
• Classroom Writing Adventure Crates: Create a series of writing prompts and learning materials to send classes on writing adventures for elementary and middle grades. Ensure materials meet state writing standards and test them with a sample group. Create promotional materials and a distribution plan, including developing a database of classroom teachers.
Skills: Writing, research, creative layout/design, marketing, project organization, office administration
• Writers’ Advent Calendar and Writers’ Year Book: Gather and curate a series of writing prompts and inspiration. Research print and production options. Produce a budget and production timeline.
Skills: Writing and editing, research, budget, time management, creative layout/design, project coordination
• Write On! A Young Writers Podcast: Create 2–3 professionally produced episodes of a podcast by young writers for young writers. This can include researching other podcasts, conducting author interviews (professional or peer fiction authors), discussing creative writing craft, and/or providing writing life inspiration and tips.
Skills: Interview/public speaking, recording production and editing, research, writing/editing, time management, creative layout/design, project coordination
• Future Project for Longer Term Interns: WITS Advisory Board. Youth board members will help shape Wordcrafters Writers in the Schools offerings and contribute to our ongoing conversation on how best to serve students to use creative writing to find their voice and tell their stories. Youth board members will provide leadership in planning and coordinating advisory board meetings, as well as interact as a full member alongside educators, writers, and community members.
Skills: Leadership, organization and program policy, research, presentations/public speaking, peer interview, project coordination