Inteview with Nina Kiriki Hoffman






Interview with Mikko Azul

We were inspired to write after our talk with Mikko Azul about her novel The Staff of Fire and Bone! She shared her inspiring writing journey and the details of her richly detailed story world. …Read More



Interview with Heather Ransom

We had the great privilege of talking to Heather Ransom about her young adult sci-fi novel Going Green (and we get to hear Heather read from the opening of the book for us!)…Read More



Interview with Jeff Wheeler

Talking with Jeff Wheeler was so inspiring! We took a deep-dive into his creative process, including the surprising inspiration for The Queen’s Poisoner! (Plus he reads us a bit from the beginning.)…Read More



Interview with Cidney Swanson

What a blast talking with Cidney Swanson! Daryll Lynne is a big fan of the Ripple series, and James is focused on indie publishing, so Cidney hits that sweet spot of great stories and successful self-publishing. We cover a lot of ground in this interview. Bonus—Cidney reads from her newest book… Read More with Eric Witchey

We had so much fun talking with Eric about many things, but especially about his new novel Bull’s Labyrinth. (Eric reads the whole first chapter—so, so good!) Eric Witchey has sold more than a hun… Read More



Property of the State Interview with Bill Cameron

We had the great privilege of talking to mystery writer Bill Cameron about his new young adult mystery thriller Property of the State (and we get to hear Bill read for us!). Bill Cameron is the author… Read More