Learn how to bypass writer’s block and access the tools you need to realize long-lasting success. Join Michael Michel for this one day workshop.
About this Workshop: Do you have that one book or story you’d love others to see and appreciate–even if the idea scares you a little? Wouldn’t it be great if the big ideas, the passion projects, the writer’s life you desired was flowing in a way you expected, and at a pace you could get excited about?
As writers, we often face a multitude of challenges in getting to that point regardless of how badly we want to make it happen. For some reason, we struggle to make headway, or feel stuck, or get so distracted with “real life” that months and years slip past, our best work still incomplete.
Whether you lay blame at the feet of writer’s block, “real life” priorities, or a lack of muse, it doesn’t matter. You’re not yet at the level you would love with the work you love. Something is getting in the way! 
Enter, “Rewire Your Mind, Reboot Your Writing”
This is where the vision writers have meets the tools and strategies necessary to realize LONG-lasting success. 
You will: 
  • Learn where “Writer’s Block” comes from and how to bypass it. 
  • Learn to be successful regardless of circumstances and “real life.” 
  • Begin transitioning to a life free of all those familiar beliefs that cause frustration, resignation, and despair. 
  • Learn clear strategies for advancing the life-path you’d be stoked to travel on. 
Through a mix of training, processes, small group work, and live coaching, you’ll walk away from this workshop ready to clearly and enthusiastically face the challenges keeping you from producing the work you love at a level you love. 
Course Details
Saturday, January 12, 9 am – 4:30 pm |
Wordcrafters Workshop, 438 Charnelton St, Eugene  | Cost: $119
About the Instructor: Michael Michel helps people go for what they’re passionate about. He has worked with clients across America to cultivate creativity, passion, and dedication so they can make the impact they’re here to make. Besides being a published author of short fiction and a table tennis enthusiast, Michael has an MA in school counseling, a teaching certification in Neurolinguistic Programming, and is a certified coach through the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Through workshops, and free presentations to local youth, he has delivered strategies for success to hundreds. In this journey of service, he has come to see with staggering clarity a singular truth: everyone wants to show up for what they love in a way they love, and they want it to benefit the people they love. Michael supports anyone he coaches to do just that. Join him in changing the world, one dream at a time. Visit him online at michaelmichel.coach