Ready to do some scene writing? Join author Linda Clare for this free library workshop and Write Scenes that Show Don’t Tell. 
About this workshop: Scene writing is a vital skill for every writer and most writers have heard it’s better to show, not tell. In this workshop, we’ll nail down easy ways to be sure your scenes are actual scenes, and that they show, not tell. We’ll also explore scene spots where telling is the better choice. We’ll practice how to put it all together with an in-class scene writing exercise.
  • Monday, February 11, from 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Springfield Public Library, 225 5th Street
  • Free and open to the public
About the instructor:
Linda S. Clare has always been a daydreamer, artist, and storyteller. She received her first paid byline for a poem published in the Denver Post newspaper when she was a high school student. She’s been writing professionally since 1993 and has taught fiction, memoir, and essay writing for Lane Community College for more than a dozen years. Her next book, Prayers for Parents of Prodigals, releases from Harvest House Publishers in January 2020.

These free workshops are brought to you by Springfield Public Library and Wordcrafters in Eugene with support from the Springfield Library Foundation.