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Conference 2017: The Mechanics of Murder!

A conference for readers and writers of crime stories, mysteries, thrillers, police procedurals, and crimes of passion.

Free May Workshop at Springfield Library!

Show and Tell: Make Body Language Work for Your Story Most writers are familiar with the mantra, “Show, don’t tell.” Seems easy, right? But how to show a character is angry, happy, confused, in love without telling the reader? In face to face conversations, we rely heavily on body language to understand the speaker’s true ... Continue Reading »

Free April Workshop at Springfield Library!

Take a poetic deep dive into place as we compose poems that celebrate or otherwise consider the experience of living in the Springfield/Eugene area–past, present, or future! Monday, April 17th, 5:30 pm-7:30 pm Springfield Public Library, 225 5th Street Free and open to the public Presenter Eric A. Johnson These free workshops are brought to ... Continue Reading »
Writing to Promote Marginalized Voices

Writing to Promote Marginalized Voices

NEW! Half-Day Nonfiction Workshop In this polarizing political climate, there’s plenty a writer can do to ensure that underrepresented people and groups get their voices out into the world. This workshop will walk you through three genres–literary essay, profile, and social commentary–and look at how professional writers empower those from marginalized communities by showcasing their ... Continue Reading »