Want to connect with writers AND get some writing done? Try our new virtual write-in, Be Write In!. Writer Joanna Bartlett will be hosting this online butt-in-chair time on Tuesdays  from 1PM-2:30PM.
June Be Write In dates: June 5, 12, 19, & 26.
We’ll check-in briefly at the beginning to share our writing goals for the session, then have 2 writing blocks with a brief stretch/body/chocolate break in between.
We’re using a process suggested by award-winning author and celebrated writing teacher, Eric Witchey, called Parallel Play for Writers. Having a group to write with and check in with gives you community and accountability while still getting some work done. Having short blocks of 25-45 minutes allows you to focus on the task, and then stop before you run out of brain-juice (that’s official neuroscience! Really!).
Here’s a quick video by Joanna Bartlett explaining Be Write In:
The write-in format will go:
1-1:10 pm: Brief hellos and goals: each writer has 30 seconds to talk about what they’re writing on
1:10-1:55 pm: Parallel Play Writing Session
1:55-2:00 pm: Break– brief stretch/body/chocolate
2:00-2:25 pm: Pomodoro Writing Session
2:25-2:30 pm: Brief check-in – How did the writing go?

IMPORTANT: To join in the fun, you will need this Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/794196709

A quote from Eric Witchey about Parallel Play (in case you have never heard of it)
Based on the earliest play socialization of children and certain productivity theories in business, it is a bunch of folks sitting around writing at the same time. There’s no expectation of how or what or why or how much. It is all about focused activity on your project for your reasons. All the people around typing just make it easier to stay focused on whatever you are working on. Sessions are timed with a short, timed break. The times came from experimentation based on flow periodicity and early life training in schools to a 50 minute hour. By stopping at 45 minutes, there is a minor sense of incompletion. By not taking breaks longer than 5 minutes, we allow ourselves to quickly move back into flow states.
These virtual write-ins are free, however, if you are moved, perhaps consider buying Wordcrafters in Eugene a “cup of coffee” to help support this program and others like it.  You can make a donation by clicking here.
About the Presenter:
Rev. Joanna Bartlett is an ordained Spiritualist minister and a certified medium with the National Spiritualist Association of churches, as well as an award-winning professional writer and author, and an intuitive and spiritual development coach.
She’s the author of several books including the Led by Light intuitive mediumship development series, Spirit Energy, Signs from Spirit Journal, The Spiritual Symbols Workbook: Create your personal dictionary of intuitive, psychic and metaphysical symbols, Intuitive Symbols Coloring Book: Unlock your intuition through meditative coloring, and The Awesomely Amazing Adventures of Cherry: Butterfly Buddies.
Born in England, she spent her middle school years in Barbados, then moved to the United States, living in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Western New York. She now makes her home in Eugene, Oregon, with a passel of children (2 pre-teens and 2 teenagers) and a lovely husband who does the laundry and rubs her feet. When she’s not helping clients and students tap into their own intuition and develop their ability to communicate with Spirit, Joanna enjoys cooking, gardening, spinning yarn and knitting, as well as brewing and fermenting tasty beverages in her kitchen. She’s decided it’s time for the family to get a dog. Learn more at www.joannabartlett.com and www.alightintuition.com.