Olive DelSolOlive DelSol has taken up the art of writing songs and recording music starting with a toy piano and a tape recorder. Now she sings, plays cello and accordion and programs electronic music.

Also, by chance or fate, Olive has become a teacher of various arts like Podcasting, Audio Recording, Radio Broadcasting, Mythology and Storytelling as well as Theater and Puppetry.




Maiya BeckerArtist Maiya Becker takes students on a reduce, reuse, and recycle journey from landfill to art gallery. Maiya joined MECCA during 2012 when she became an ambassador for arts and culture through her “rain” as Eugene’s S.L.U.G. Queen Sadie Slimy Stitches. Valuing reuse and art, Maiya has found a home at MECCA where she can put her enthusiasm to hard work. Outside of MECCA and slugs, Maiya is the head of The Eugene Knotty Knitters, a fiber arts group that creates yarn graffiti in Eugene and Springfield. Maiya also works with Lane Arts Council’s resident artists for Recycled Art bringing environment and arts education to kids!



200_carter mcKenzieA founding member of Airlie Press, Carter McKenzie is the author of the chapbook Naming Departure (Traprock Books) and a full-length book of poetry Out of Refusal (Airlie Press). Her poetry has appeared in a various journals and anthologies, and her essay “A Simple Instrument” is included in the anthology The Berkeley Poets Cooperative: A History of the Times, edited by Charles Entrekin. Through affiliation with Young Writers Association and libraries, and through private arrangements, Carter teaches poetry workshops to children and adults in Eugene, Oregon, and in the surrounding rural areas. She lives in the Cascade Foothills with her youngest daughter.




DLDaryll Lynne Evans began her writing career as a playwright with the Performing Arts Conservatory in Colorado, where she also taught theatre and play writing to youth. She has an MFA in fiction from Purdue University, where she taught creative writing and worked with Sycamore Review. She has presented writing workshops as part of the Loose Leaf Writing Series in Lafayette, Indiana, and for the Mid-Valley chapter of Willamette Writers in Eugene, and was a presenter at Wordcrafters’ inaugural conference.




Sallie_VandagriftSallie Vandagrift first set foot on Oregon soil 18 years ago, fresh from California. After a week of drinking coffee in a northwest cafe, reading, and scribbling constantly in her notebook, she knew she could never go back to living any other way. She is a literary fiction and creative nonfiction writer, teacher, and a mother of five. Her short stories have appeared in The Sun, and Coffee Talk. She is currently studying Comparative Literature and Creative Writing at University of Oregon. Sallie has taught writing with the Young Writers Association Lively Lit Summer Camps and with YWA’s Mess With Words after school group.